Calgary City Council Approves 14 New Communities to Be Built in Coming Years

Calgary New Construction Real Estate NewsIn case you missed it, the Calgary city council recently voted in favor of 14 new communities to be built throughout the area suburbs over the coming years, allowing officials to appropriately plan for future infrastructure investments, fire halls, and other city services needed for continued growth and sustainability.

Per the release, eight of the 14 areas for development will be located on the north / northeast side of the city, while the remaining communities will be situated around the east, southeast, and southwest sides.

When finished, each of the new communities combined could bring as many as 18,000 new single-family residences and 9,000 new multi-family units.

The official breakdown as to where these new communities can be built is as follows:

    •    4 in Glacier Ridge (north)
    •    2 in Belvedere (east)
    •    1 Haskayne (northwest)
    •    1 in East Stoney (northeast)
    •    2 in Keystone Hills (northeast)
    •    2 in Rangeview (southeast)
    •    1 in Providence (southwest)
    •    1 in South Shepard (southeast)



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